1 Month Old

We celebrated Florence's one month while my best friends were in town visiting this past week. I can't tell you how quickly the changes are happening with this little girl. She's no longer that wrinkly pink nugget of a newborn; she's filling out and growing into her features, so beautiful. I had to run out the other day and get her a couple new outfits, she's outgrown her NB size-such things creep up on a mom! Everyday is like a new chapter with her, new sounds, new facial expressions. It's absolutely fabulous to have front row seats for everything :)

Here's a few more from our visit with Auntie Logan and Aunt Emily. I have amazing friends and I'm so happy they will be a part of Florence's life now. 

(unsuccessful party hats, little miss party pooper)

Here's my favorite track from the mix, titled "Florence", Aunt Emily made for us (remember the days of mixed cd's?!): My Dove, My Lamb


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