Monday // Inspiration: Say something you like about yourself


Something I want to teach Florence about is self love. What is self love? What does it look like? For me, a huge part of loving yourself is acceptance. That means accepting what makes you you. For so much of my life I've beat myself up about the things I am not. I'm not thin enough, my writing doesn't sound like hers, I'm so flaky, I'm not focused enough, I don't make enough money, I should be more composed... I've wasted too much energy comparing myself to others. Let me tell you that the voice of comparison only gets louder the more you allow it to keep talking. 

Self love is about saying shut up. Self love is about finding worth where your tendency is to find fault.

So, how do you start? This is a simple exercise. You find one thing that you like about yourself, just one. It must be about you. I like that I have an awesome mom is not about you. You may go completely blank and feel like you can't come up with a single thing. This exercise is for you then. 

BrenĂ© Brown said something I think about all the time now that I'm a parent. She says, you cannot give to your children what you yourself do not have. (in this revolutionary book)

I absolutely love what this poet has to say about self love:

I think the best way to teach self love is to demonstrate it. 


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