Now that it's our second month we've finally gotten into a little bit of a groove. That is-finding out what means what. What cry means change my diaper, the head rubbing that means I'm tired, the hungry snorts. Mom is feeling a little more settled, ahhhh. To help our days run a little smoother I've found a few items to be key! I wanted to share our favorites with you.

1. CHEWBEADS, Christopher Teething Necklace (Rainbow) $34.50

Florence is only 2 months old so she's not teething yet, but I still love to let her play with these beads. They're super soft and a perfect size for her to suck on. 

2. Liquid Vitamin D3

Since breastfed babies aren't able to get vitamin D from your milk, our doctor recommended getting a liquid form that I can easily give to Florence with a dropper. She actually likes the flavor and takes it every time. 


My best friend sent these hand-knit booties to us and Florence has worn them almost everyday. They're the only thing that stay on her tiny feet. I think it's the L shape with the band around the ankle that helps. Baby socks are useless for us, slip right off.


I can't tell you how many times I've been happy to have hand sanitizer with me when we go out. The travel size is perfect for keeping by your side. I bought a few bottles, I keep one in her diaper bag, one in the car and one in my purse. You can't always wash your hands before handling your little one, sanitizer is such a nice solution.

We haven't had too much diaper rash trouble but any sign of redness I rub some of this over it. I feel safe using it liberally because it's main ingredients are bees wax and a blend of sunflower, olive, coconut and chamomile oil. Her rash clears up by the next time I change her diaper. Love it!

A friend passed this off to me when I was pregnant with Florence. I didn't touch it for the first few weeks once she was born and then I got to a breaking point where I was desperate for some advice. I remembered THE BOOK! It's been incredibly helpful for understanding the importance of sleep for children and how to teach good habits when it comes to bedtime and napping. For me, sleeping was by far the hardest part of being a new parent. I am so grateful to have learned some tools for easing the process. Sigh!


I don't know if it's breastfeeding or sleep deprivation or both, but my body is screaming for greens. Spinach is a staple at our house, I usually have 2 bags on hand- I get a little panicky if we're out. Lately I've been on an arugula kick, mmm mmm spicy fresh! I've started having breakfast salad (is that a thing?) because I don't want to wait until lunch :)

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