Candy Roses DIY

Over winter break I found this funny video tutorial for making these eye catchingly cute candy roses. I'm a stickler for low budget d.i.y.s and the video made this one look easy. So, for Flori's birthday I tried making them to hand out at as party favors (for the adults, these are extermely chokable!) I'm laughing now at the struggle I had with nearly every step of making them, haha. And so continues my tendency to over simplify making something crafty before actually trying it. I will recommend watching the video tutorial, since well into this project my hands were too sticky and involved to be able to photograph the steps.  

The supplies are pretty minimal, the roses are made by melting jolly ranchers in a bowl of hot water. You'll need some candy sticks (I bought mine in the cake baking section at Walmart) and some clear gift bags to put each rose in once it's dry and cool. Plastic gloves are essential to protect your fingers from the hot water and repetitive pressing to mold the candy. I made my roses sans gloves and my finger tips were in pain 10 mins into it. 

My troubles with the project were that I couldn't get the jolly ranchers to melt (in the hot water) evenly or fast enough, so I kept trying to heat the water up in the microwave and by the time they were soft enough to mold they were dissolving into the bowl of water. It was messy and sticky and hot. I only got 7 roses out of two bags of candy, but I also waisted a lot of j.r.s because of the dissolving issue. It was also somewhat difficult to get the first petal to wrap around the candy stick, but towards the end I got the hang of that.

They are beautiful though... 

Regardless of my failures, they are a sweet gift or table decor for Valentines Day. Who's ever found love without a little pain? xo
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