Letting Friends Help

The build up and preparation before baby comes is exhausting. I had a list of to-dos that seemed to replenish itself automatically, I'd cross one thing off and three new things would arise. Here's some pointers to keep yourself sane and avoid feeling overwhelmed:

*Use friends and family. You've done enough, and people enjoy helping, so LET THEM. See how to plan a care calendar for once baby arrives, or designate a friend to organize one for you.

*Your health, rest and body are most important. Prioritize them, your shopping list can wait.

*Baby needs you, solely. Babies don't need as many things as our Target registry will lead us to believe. Get your basics (a carseat and crib/bassinet) and the rest can be gifted or purchased as time allows. Utilize Amazon and online shopping in general, you need the convenience of having your items delivered to your door.

*You don't have to finish EVERYTHING before the baby comes. There is no deadline, you still will have time to do things with a newborn (they sleep a lot).

~Take a deep breath, Mom. You're doing amazing things everyday along the way.


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