Do you Baby Babble?

Hi Florence, let me hear your sounds!

Before Florence was by my side, I didn't know how I felt about baby talk. Like, part of me felt embarrassed about the way we "talk" to babies-in that high pitched, babbling voice. I thought, I'm going to talk to my  baby like a normal human being, not like a pet. But now that she's here, and we spend hours and hours together everyday we've totally developed a dialog, and it's definitely that baby babble that I once thought I was above. What I've realized is that there's actually a science to the way we talk to our babies-they respond positively to that high pitched talk! Also, after reading this article I now talk to her even more, I feel it's a way to include her in what's happening, even if we're just doing the dishes we have a conversation about it. 

We just reached the 6 week milestone with Florence, and one of her biggest developments recently are her baby sounds. She now coos and caws back to us, pretty much melts your heart. It's like she discovered she has a voice, soooo sweet.

Keep saying your sounds.


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