Surprise! Valentines Date: YOU & ME

Hey, you. I'm taking you on a date, that's right. You and me.

So, this Valentines is not for feeling sorry for ourselves. Whether you're single, recently dumped, a hot mess or just alone on Valentines Day (me) too bad. I'm officially taking you out! My boyfriend is away this week visiting his family (fine, I guess that's fine), I need a date for tomorrow and I've chosen you. So, how 'bout it?

Before you even think of saying no, let me tell you what I have planned...

1. Dress up, girl, cuz we goin' OUT. Find your heels or whatever makes you feel invincible you. I will probably be swaying around in this ^. Check out this blog for the most magical make-up ideas!

2. We're going here, to Hotel San Jose, to order the cheese plate and drink these... their white sangrias are the best.

3. Ok, sit down. I got you a little gift. Something fun (something that I secretly want!) from Aro Jewelry

And, because we probably should. This little number from Katastrophic Clothing (in Austin!).

4. Alright, now let's grab a bottle of my newest crush, this bottle of Vino Verde from Trader Joe's (only $4.49!). 

5. And let's go home, make real popcorn and sob over a romantic comedy. My vote is You've Got Mail <3 <3

Alright, thanks for being a good sport and my Valentine's date. Now, for real, treat yourself. I say, Valentines Day should be for celebrating love-for yourself, most of all. 

<3 <3 <3

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