A Girls' Education

When I look at her I see brilliance. I see eyes that make maps of endless connecting dots. I witness brimming curiosity in the hundreds of small sounds that are her voice. I am knocked back by the strength of her two firm legs stretching to touch the ground. Her beauty is astounding, but what is more is her undeniable will. 

My doubt doesn't lie with her. It's the rest of the world I question.

Girl Rising.

Yesterday I started watching this documentary, Girl Rising. It walks you through the lives of nine girls growing up in developing countries and the inconceivable steps they have to take to receive and education. Growing up in the U.S., we don't hear these kinds of stories much, in most communities some level of education is available to any child. But the overwhelming disadvantage to girls around the world is something we feel, even here. And while I will have the privilege of giving my daughter an education, I worry for her opportunities to be as vast as she is. I worry for her value to not be subject to the very sad stereotypes the world has placed on her. Because from what I've seen, Girl, is anything but small, weak and disposable. She is magnitude. She is firefly light. She is Girl Rising.  

Watch the full documentary (spanish subtitles) here.

I was raised by the hands of a strong woman. I never doubted her power. She never gave me a chance to believe that weakness was my fate. Because being brave is part of who we are. To be bold is a way of life. Now I'm that woman, with my hands branching out around this little brown haired girl. I want to hold her up, like roots, and let her feel her own strength in the world.     



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