Nurse-in: Standing up for Nursing Mothers

Feeding our babies should be communally supported, not shamed.


This weekend I participated in a public breastfeeding event hosted by a local coffee shop, Stouthaus Coffee. The "nurse-in" was organized by the owners as part of their apology for an incident that happened earlier in the week-when a mom breastfed her child in the coffee shop and was asked to "cover up". Read more details: here.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding mom's face this sort of thing all the time, negative reactions to feeding your child in public.   

I went to support the cause because I understand how uncomfortable it is to breastfeed in a public setting. It's awkward trying to maneuver your fussing baby under your shirt while trying not to expose yourself to staring people. 

The nurse-in was so encouraging. The place was bustling with parents and babies. Mothers were happily feeding their little ones in clusters all around the shop. The owners made a point to introduce themselves and thank the attendees for teaching them about the importance of a mother's right to breastfeed in public. I realized we need these kinds of events to raise awareness and normalize the image of a breastfeeding mom. It was the first time I felt supported and excited to nurse outside my home. 

I also met this great photographer, Sabrena Rexing, who shoots women breastfeeding as a part of a worldwide project.  She took the photos of us at the event. To see more pictures from the nurse-in check out her blog, pretty cool.

PHOTOS by Sabrena Rexing


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