OUR DAYS: Walks with your newborn

Going out for walks has been a huge part of our days these first two months with Florence. I find that the fresh air calms her down so it's a good trick for fussy times. It's been a little chilly somedays so I make sure to bundle her up well-in Scandinavia it's common belief that taking your baby out into the cold is actually good for them, fascinating! (Read here). The outdoors is a super important part of life that I want to share with Florence so at this young age stroller rides are a great way to experience it. I make sure to pull back the canopy once in a while to let her stare up at the sky, she loves to look up!

I've been really happy with this travel system we went with by Baby Trend. There are so many different brands and designs, I was overwhelmed when searching. I wanted a stroller that I could jog with but that was still light-weight feeling. It's been perfect for our walks around the neighborhood as well as trail runs around the lake.   

One of the best things I've done for myself since having Florence was purchase a new pair walking shoes. I've been so happy with these from Under Amour, Feather Shield Running Shoe ($89.99). 

Happy weekend and walking!


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