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So remember when I wrote that I had some news... well, we moved to Atlanta! It was really in a matter of a couple weeks that we decided, packed and transplanted to Georgia. Alex was offered a pretty great job and we both felt he just couldn't pass it up. We were quite reluctant to leave Austin, where our history began (and Florence was born!). We had our designated spots-the park where we met, Torchy's Taco's once a week, our beloved H.E.B. down the street, we were comfortable and loving it. Our friends there were beginning to feel like family and we had our groove as new parents-just the perfect scenario for life to throw a wild card.

On the positive side, we felt there was something for us in a new place too. In Atlanta we'll get to define ourselves as parents and as a family of three. We'll get to experience things here in light of little Florence. We both love cities and Atlanta is a much bigger setting than we're used to! Can't wait to post as we discover and learn more about what Atlanta offers.

Let it begin once more.

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