On Taking a Deep Breath

It almost seems silly how many times a day I teeter on the verge of relaxing, but I never quite do. But what about nap time? you ask. Yes, on the best days there are longish naps but even then, complete relaxation is still an illusion because, you are still on the clock. 

I'm definitely still in the amateur mom class. Super chill moms are taking A.P. They've learned to roll with the punches. They're sipping their wine. I'm doing this. No, but really. 

Yesterday was a wake-up-early-no-nap-time day. I had a moment in the bathroom attempting to flat iron my hair whilst baby girl is throwing a tired outrage in her bedroom. I thought, "Now I know". I know why being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Because, it isn't about how hard you work, or how well you've done your homework. It's about constantly meeting your little person where they're at, hour by hour, minute by minute. You've prepared for one thing, you're met head on with another. But, there is hope. I think the road to getting there starts with finding your zen amidst the chaos. Here's some tips on taking a deep breath.

1. BREATHE. It sounds simple, but it's more than just the act of breathing. It's about finding the mentality in those overwhelming moments to pause and give yourself the time to calm down before reacting.

2. CREATE A SPACE. Just the other day I was skimming a little book on breastfeeding, it suggested  setting up a little "throne" for yourself around breastfeeding time. Get comfortable, have some snacks and a drink near by and a good book or magazine. Duh! So smart. I'm always rushing feeding time with Florence, thinking, "hurry up so we can do the next thing". If I just arranged a good space for myself then I can look forward to our nursing times. 

3. SIMPLIFY. Maybe you can't do everything on the check off list today. Will you survive if you don't? I'm practicing silencing that constant drive to "be productive". It's annoying to feel like your day depends on if you were able to make it Walgreens or not. 

A few things to inspire a moment of peace...

This amazing birth center in Boulder, Colorado.

Baby Hammocks, what?! I'm a bit doubtful you'd get a baby to sleep in that but cool anyways?!

A cat nap...

OK, little mommas. Keep on swimming and practice some deep breaths!

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