Strong is the new pretty

Wow. That's how I still feel every time I look at this series of photos by the Atlanta photographer, Kate T. Parker. These photographs of her daughters being just who they are, athletic, energetic, bold, are so breath-takingly beautiful. I think what's most affirming is that these girls are just like so many young girls we know. They are girls full of life. Parker's project, Strong is the New Pretty, is so refreshing for mothers with daughters. "They didn't have the time to worry about how they looked, and so I came to understand that their worth was determined by something different, something stronger." the photographer says about her daughters. This is exactly the message we want to be teaching. Your pretty is uniquely made by all the things you already are. Read more about this photo series here.

In a way I'd like to think that my own boldness was shaped over time, the result of my womanly wisdom setting in now that I'm, oh almost 30! But, really, I've been a loud girl all along (proof in photo below). I think our truest self is that young girl with her shoes laced up ready for her game. 

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