Summer Chop: Flori's Haircut

Last week I gave Flori a haircut. Her hair is extremely thick, and the poor thing was sweating even while playing inside. I was hoping to grow it out so we could pull it into a pony tail and do fun styles but now that summer weather is here, I couldn't stand to see her all warm and flushed under that heavy mop. 

I tend to get a little carried away with the scissors but I aimed for a short blunt bob, and some side bangs. I think it turned out pretty cute! And I'm so much happier to see her cooler and free from all that hair. Alex thinks she looks like Elton John. Ha, can't say I don't agree!

And fiy, I have a hair appointment this Friday for a cut and color! What is your summer look? Baby haircut styles?

1 comment on "Summer Chop: Flori's Haircut"
  1. Eeeeek! It's all the cuteness! A girl after my own heart with that stylish bob! Good thing you didn't go all GI jane with those scissors again. haha


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