Let's Start Again

Hello to my beautiful tribe of women (and a few men) that follow along here at Raising Girl. I am really excited to be meeting you here again and, to be not only be resuming what I began 3 years ago with this blog, but, to be bringing you content that speaks to you intimately, my female warriors, mothers, creative enthusiasts and those of you on your own journey to self love.

In the last three years, I have continued to press on in my personal search to uncover my gifts and talents and find effective ways to share them with my community. I have made strides in overcoming my own controlling relationship with food and long-term eating disorder, orthorexia. I continue to be humbled in my role as a mother to my 3 1/2 year old, Florence. In the last year our family has decided to put down roots in Minnesota and I'm learning to embrace (think wool clothing) all that comes with moving back to the place I grew up.

Since college, writing has been my favorite way to untangle the inevitable knots of living and through my writing I've be able to connect and share with so many beautiful individuals-via social media, this blog and in my freelance business. I continue to be challenged by this role, yet called to keep going, so here I am today.

My hopes are to show up for you regularly with bright, insightful content about being a woman, journeying in self love, partnering with you as a mother, and encouraging you (which encourages me) to move closer to the vision you have for yourself, no matter the obstacles. This journey is not meant to be done alone, you're never the only one going it.

I really look forward to meeting you here or in the face-to-face (even better). Please consider me a friend and resource and let's have some fun. Here's a list of some posts you can look forward to:

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This Book Transformed How I Parent My Back-Talking Toddler

Detoxing From Sugar 101

Our Minnesota Home: First Time Home Owners

All my rainbowy pinterest saves,

Aly Bird
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