Tracking My Cycle with Clue

Between the ages of 18-24, I didn't have a regular menstrual cycle. That's 6 years of my life, my womanhood, that I lived without a clue as to what was happening with my own body.

After seeing a nutritionist and getting some help with a long-term eating disorder, my body resumed it's normal cycles, and I finally had a period again. After being clueless for so long, I now have this deep appreciation for my period. Many woman probably laugh to hear me say, my period is sacred. But, the truth is, for me my period signifies that my body is on track, it's a reminder to myself that I have come a long way from the unhealthy girl I was for years. And, of course, my period will always be connected to my journey to having Florence.

A few months back, I discovered , Clue, a company in Berlin that makes tracking your period and ovulation accurate, fast and friendly. And guess what?! They have an app and, ladies, it's free. I think I love my period even more, now.

I used track my cycle by making little black "x"'s in the corners of my planner days. Clue helps me track all the things that come along with my period like: pain, mood, fluid, and sexual activity. There's even an option to enter good hair vs. bad hair days, because we all know that is a real thing, am I right?! One of my friends who is a creative entrepreneur uses the app to track her motivation/productivity on a daily basis to help her identify patterns that affect her work flow.

The best thing about using the Clue app: it empowers me by providing a simple way for me to track my own period and see a complete picture of how my cycle affects me. 

What I Love about Clue:
-user friendly
-simple icon-based design
-tracks emotional side affects, as well as, physical ones
-it's free!

Do you track your period?

11 comments on "Tracking My Cycle with Clue "
  1. I don't, but I've been wanting to. This is perfect!

  2. Carlie, I've really enjoyed feeling a little more in control by knowing my own patterns. Let me know how it goes for you! xo

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