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Glasses Shop

This is my second sponsored blog post, and I really only say yes to working with brands and companies that I, myself, love and feel good about sharing with all of you. Today, I'm collaborating with to show off how to get away with wearing non-prescription glasses.

My mom has been a glasses wearer for most of her life, and as a girl growing up my mom was my beauty icon. On her, glasses were an endearing attribute, one that I loved because, for me, they symbolized her and all the beauty that I saw in her. As a kid, I never needed glasses, which most would consider lucky, but to my 10-year-old self, it came as a bit of a disappointment.

Now, that I'm a mom, and a maturing lady, I decided that if I want to change the way I look or take on a new style, or look a little more like my own momma, why shouldn't I? So, I ordered myself a pair of glasses; a cool transparent pink, wayfarer style pair. I wear them as an accessory, mixed in with some denim and a little bit of dirty, no shower hair :)

They have a great variety of glasses online, as well as prescription sunglasses. And for someone who impatiently awaits mail/packages, I was stoked to see them arrive at my door in one week! If you want to get your hands on some of these frames, RaisingGirl readers can use the code: GSHOT50 to get 50% off eye glasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).

Photos by: Stefanie Meyer

It's good to be a little daring with your style, get out of your box and wear glasses if you want to. Dye your hair purple if it makes you feel more alive. I'm a big advocate for expressing your self with fashion. You do you. Let's see what Florence takes from that as she gets older...



If there were a season in which I remained forever, it would be the fall. I want to be remembered along with the mornings that have turned cold and burst with the big bright sun. I would spell my name in the wind blown debris as it moves along street curbs and fills up decorative lawn bags. The kids walking home from school might notice me drifting between their steps hoping to get caught on the lace of a shoe. I'd settle in along with the rest of the world as it slows down for evening dinners around hot food and rolled up sleeves. The moon would be my final face, it's heavy emergence quiets all who stare long enough, dismissing the need for words. 

I can't help but be moved by the fall. Isn't there something so energizing about seasonal shifts? For me the fall is a new start, a time to shed old skin, empty your closets of all the things that have crept in over the months. Perhaps my Minnesota origin comes out in the fall. It knows that life contains long winters and falls that aren't long enough. 

One of my favorite rituals, that always signals the oncoming of fall for me, is drinking tea. I used to only think of tea as a cold remedy or sweetened summer beverage, I had no idea about good tea. Then during college I had friends that worked at tea shops and a good friend that spent a lot of time in China and they taught me about good quality tea, how to brew it and how to drink it. I've been hooked ever since. 

Recently, I got to try tea from this really neat start-up, Teabook. They ship different loose leaf teas to your door every month. I love this because since moving to Atlanta I haven't been able to find a source for high quality, unique teas.  

Here's a quality comparison between a standard black tea off the shelf at the grocery store (left) and the black tea I got from Teabook (right). Higher quality tea will actually look like dried leaves instead of the fine "dust" and broken up tea in low quality.

The first good tea I tried was a green tea, so I think I'll always be a green tea lover. Teabook sent a Dragon Well in their box last month and it blew my mind. It's buttery and smooth and keeps me going through the afternoons with Flori. 

They also sent a beautiful glass tumbler for steeping. Gotta love the easy, on-the-go aspect!

The tea stays incredibly fresh sealed in these little packets...

This post is created in partnership with Teabook. So grateful for the chance to work with such an inspiring company! Thanks for spreading our world with good tea :)