Atlanta, a first glance

I remember standing over the kitchen sink, looking across the counter at Alex, the both of us letting the fullness of our recent decision to move to Atlanta sink in. "Only two years", we both said nodding, agreeing our move away from our beloved city (Austin, TX) would be short-term. We packed up our 2 bedroom apartment in one week and watched it all be sloughed away into the backend of a moving truck. We boarded a one-way flight with toothbrushes and an air mattress, and 2 hours later we started life in Atlanta. 

It's pretty strange how abruptly life changes shape. 

The first thing I fell in love with in Atlanta was the flowers. This one specifically, the yellow lantern magnolia. We have a pussy willow tree outside our balcony, it started blooming the day we moved in. It's a blessing we moved in March, in the spring. Who isn't motivated by the grass greening up and the birds singing again? Actually, the birds can quiet down a little on Saturday mornings, please.

One of our favorite spots is the belt line, a wonderful paved trail system circling the heart of the city. Once a railroad, the belt line is now a heavily used walking/biking trail that is revitalizing saddened areas of the city, the whole idea was one grad student's thesis

The beer is tasting good. Something we've enjoyed about being in a new place is learning about the local microbreweries and ordering something new every time we go out. I'm limited to one pint since I'm breastfeeding, I milk that one beer like honey. We've liked what we've tried from Sweet Water. *Edit, we're both limited to one beer now, Alex has decided he's going to get that washboard stomach he's always wanted. 

We live three blocks from downtown and although it doesn't share the warm buzz of Austin's downtown, there are some fun attractions. We're saving up for tickets to the Aquarium, which is supposed to be pretty extravagant. 

Amidst all the new surroundings, there's home. All my favorite moments are here. Mornings with Florence under the covers. Bath times in our sunny little tub. Humid afternoons with national geographic and microwave popcorn. And coffee table dinners (we haven't bought dining chairs yet). We're still in the first phase, but things are starting to feel right. I'm soon to do a little apartment tour, a glance into life as a stay-at-home mom, and how to make do with the furnishings you have. 

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