5 Months

Photos taken by Siham Hamdan

 Wow. I get so emotional looking at these pictures. I've looked at them seriously too many times. There is no other way to capture the pure joy and gratefulness we hold for our little girl. She's five months now, going on six, and I'm starting to feel the wheels of time speed up. I'm not going to get all sappy about it though, because the constant change and growth, the new sprouts of hair and first bulge of a white tooth, it's all the beautiful parts of raising your child. The fact that we can't bask in the glorious stages as long as we want to makes us appreciate them so much. The events may reel by faster than we want but the pace also keeps us surviving the sleepless nights and the screaming car rides. Amen for the baby years!

2 comments on "5 Months"
  1. So much BEAUTY and real-ness in these photos...! Such a dream :)

  2. It's so special to have some close-up photos of us three :) Thanks, Hannah!