Grecian Two Twist

Lately, it's been SO hot. Like unbearably sticky and stale. I'm in survival mode here and rushing to pull any amount of hair up and away from my neck and shoulders. But, I'm so bored with the pony tail. The top knot has run it's course (for now). So my new inspiration is head wraps.

Since we moved to Atlanta, I've been in awe of all the cool stylish women walking around with their hair wrapped up into artistic bundles. I'd pass them thinking to myself, if only. If only I had the hair or the scarf or the training-I'd wear one of those.   

Well I got smart and I youtubed it. And, most of the wraps are surprisingly simple to do. And, they're a pretty cute look, even on this white girl. And best of all, they're keeping my hair where it needs to be: UP. 

Here's my favorite tutorial on 15 different ways to wear a head wrap. Above, I'm sporting the Grecian Two Twist. For best results use a thin, fairly long scarf so you can get a good tight wrap. Have fun and enjoy!

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