The Lob

With the move to Atlanta I've had to search for a new stylist. I adored my salon in Austin and always was overjoyed with my haircuts there. It takes a good omen to find the right person to cut your hair, so when you do you hold on for life, right? Unless they move away, or you move away. SAD.

I've been meaning to write a post called, "On Getting a Bad Hair Cut". The first one happened for me in July. The second one happened two weeks ago. Since overcoming my immediate hair trauma, I've reached a place of positivity. And like with most unseen mishaps, there are a few good lessons to be learned in a bad hair cut. 

What I've learned about getting 2 bad haircuts now:

Be assertive. If you are sitting in the cutting chair and you start to sense that this hair cut is going in the wrong direction, say something. You can say something like, "Just want to make sure we're on the same page..." The truth is you're the customer and if you're feeling insecure, the stylist probably is too. It's also good to clarify specifics about what you want before the cut begins. I've realized I leave a little too much room for interpretation and end up feeling disappointed. Being too vague is one of my biggest struggles. In life. 

Bring that phoooooto! So I've learned that I don't have great vocabulary when it comes to hair. "Like layered but not choppy. Not flippy. More whispy than full, but not too flat." A photo can say a lot of things I can't.

Give it a few days. With both bad hair cuts, I ended up warming up to them (or getting used to them). It challenged me to get out of my box and try something new. I also learned new ways to style my hair that have helped me accept and/or mask the cut.

Along with my search to find a great stylist in Atlanta, I've also struggled to find the right hair cut for the mom me. The few qualifications were: shorter, easier, and still flattering. Which, in other words, is called The Lob (the long bob). So here is my testimony to The Lob. It's flirty, but still mature. It's flattering for most face shapes. It works for most hair types (really thin or really thick might be hard).

For a fancier look, I like to do loose messy curls and pin one side back.


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