Summery Makeup Style

Doing a post on makeup feels a little out of my box, if I'm being honest about it. I can't remember now exactly why I had the idea to talk about it in the first place, but I actually really enjoyed putting this one together. 

Growing up I didn't feel entitled to wear makeup. For one, I was athletic and I never had friends or sisters that were much into getting dolled up, so I never learned how to wear it or buy it. And then from my own place, I felt compelled to seek beauty in other ways which then I could only understand by rejecting parts of my femininity. I thought that you had to be either or. Athletic and ungirly or feminine and makeup wearing. For years, I just stirred clear of that feminine territory.  

It was a confirming moment for me when, at nearly 30 years old, one of my best friends told me she likes wearing makeup because it makes her feel more adult. I totally agree. In the past few years I have embraced my femininity in a way that makes me feel free to express my body. Makeup has been a fun part of my maturing. It's been an outlet for me to embrace a side of myself I didn't understand before.     

As a makeup minimalist, I generally use just four products, which I'll share with you. Part of my minimalism comes from still not having a lot of experience with makeup, so I stick to easy basics that give a nice pop and hardly take any time to apply. I also just like the look of light, airy makeup.

 My four things:

1. Facial Oil (john masters organics)

Because I spend a lot of time under the sun playing with Florence, I use this nourishing facial oil. It keeps my face feeling rejuvenated after being exposed to sun rays and being in and out of chlorinated pools. My skin is also very dry, even in the summer. It's definitely a middle to heavy oil I wouldn't recommend it unless you're on the dry skin end of the spectrum. I use it at the end of the day, after I've washed my face or showered. However, for a dewy summer look, I apply it on my eye lids and creases when put on mascara.

2. Blushhhhh (Gabriel)

Blush is by far my favorite piece of makeup. I love a rosy cheek look, especially for the summer with sunned skin and freckles. This one I like a lot, it's called Apricot by Gabriel. You can buy it at Whole Foods.

3. Mascara (L'Oreal)

I have a hard time finding great mascaras. I loathe a clump prone mascara. This Voluminous stick by L'Oreal works pretty well. I also prefer a finer applicator. I'm still searching for a perfect mascara.

4. Lip Color (Aveda)

I'm a solid fan of Aveda products and I especially love their lip sticks. My favorite color is this pinky coral, Peruvian Lily. I also like to mix lip colors, do you do this? I have a light nude pink that I mix for a lighter look.

Thanks Instagram friends for encouraging me to lean into my feminine side and share my makeup routine! I've also been totally inspired this makeup wizard woman, my cousin-in-law, she's incredibly talented and fun.    

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